Welcome to Shield Fire Assurance Limited – Identify your Hazard, Control your Risk

We specialise in providing a personal approach to Fire Safety Risk Assessments, working with you so that as the responsible person you comply with latest fire safety legislation. Our experience within the industry allows us to understand the principles of fire safety, provide guidance on fire protection measures which will include an overview of fire safety legislation. We will establish a pragmatic approach towards assessment of fire prevention measures, fire protection measures and the management of fire safety.

Our aim is to remove any concerns you may have over fire safety leaving you with ‘peace of mind’ that your employees are working in a fire safe environment, where any hazards are identified and risks are controlled, thereby protecting your business.

As a result, you never need to be concerned should the Fire Service visit your premises, because your fire safety arrangements will meet their requirements.

Our comprehensive report meets the national standards and will provide you with a cost-effective package. We can provide ongoing consultancy, scheduled annual reviews or should a significant change take place within the premises review the Fire Risk Assessment, taking into account the changes and findings.

We work with you and your business, appreciating that each business and building is individual, by using our expertise and the information you provide to build a comprehensive report allowing you to comply with legislation.

We have assessors who can cover Greater London and the South East but please feel free to call to discuss your requirements and we can work with you in making you compliant.